Movie Soundtrack Mixtape


Sundays are normally for Instagram Sunday posts. But I thought of sharing a mixtape instead. Wow, it’s been 4 years since my last mixtape. Although, I’ve been collecting songs on my playlists already. I just wasn’t able to finalised everything and made a cover for it. Yes, I’m a bit OC when it comes to this. Everything must be done not perfectly but just about right.

Anyway, I like making themed mixtapes. This one, I’ve picked few songs that came from a movie. You know, when you’re doing something and you have an “a-huh!” moment? I have that whenever I’m watching movies. And I adore movies with such great taste when it comes to their soundtrack. Only shows, they really pay attention to every detail. Guardians of the Galaxy I; Gamer; Lalaland, 500 Days of Summer to name a few that has really great soundtracks.

So, here I’ve compiled 38 songs on Spotify called Movie Soundtrack Mixtape.

I used to upload my mixtapes before so everyone can download it too. Then all the songs and artists were listed on the cover. Well, that’s because they were only 18-20 songs. Just like how it was when you buy a CD. But now, thanks to Spotify, we can simply search for the song; add and delete it from our playlist; then play it even offline. Totally convenient! My sister and I enjoyed Spotify so much as we like to listen to music. And she’s listening to my playlists too, hihi.

Imagine back in high school when I used to record songs on a cassette tape just to make my own mixtape. Then on college, burn on CD was the term, lol. All the effort but worth it though and a nice story to share.

I’m thinking of coming up with another Valentine mixtape, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to compile the songs in few days. I don’t even know why I like coming up with mixtape on Valentine. Just probably the feel of it. One thing for sure, I’ll make another one for summer because it’s time to go to the beach.

I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday so far. Let my Movie Soundtrack Mixtape accompany you if you’re just at home doing nothing.


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