NBS Color and Calligraphy Fair 2017

Crafting + Workshop

I totally forgot to share about the National Bookstore Color and Calligraphy Fair Davao last year. I meant to post this on the same date (Jan. 27-28) as it happened last year but I got busy painting my sister’s bag and doing the payroll for Yellow Hauz before I leave Vancouver. So, here’s a year and 3 days throwback post, lol.

It was a 2-day event held at Ayala Abreeza Mall atrium by National Bookstore.

I got the privilege to demo how to use Marvy Uchida fabric pens.

Oh, the joy of doing so… because I love DIY and moreover applying it on a different surface. Except that I’ll be talking in front of a lot of people with microphone and camera. That’s the part where everything changes.

Look at how many people were there. My stage fright had stage fright (I don’t know if this made sense, lol)

My demo was on the second day. So, on the first day, Wacky and I went there to support other local artists and to feel the place. I normally do this whenever I have a talk or workshop. So, I’ll get familiar with it. Makes it less scary during the talk… well, not really, but just a little familiarity of the place, I guess.

It was Kung Hei Fat Choi during that time so yeah, we had a cheesy photo at those hanging lamps after the event. 

The night before my demo, I DIY’ed my shirt using the Marvy Uchida Metallic Fabric Pens. Which I wore on the day and showed how to do this.

Sunday came, a lot of pooping (oops, lol) and butterflies in stomach were flying like crazy. I stayed at Marvy Uchida’s booth to demo on the canvas tote bag. This was the tote bag I did while waiting for my turn to talk.

Some of the kids joined me at the table while they’re coloring some Manga characters.

Meanwhile everyone from Marvy was busy assisting customers. That’s Ms. Mae in the middle.

Five o’clock and it’s time for my talk. You cannot draw my face at this time. I have a masungit face, so this time around, it was more masungit. If you saw me that time, please don’t feel offended, I was just super nervous and I was saving my energy, lol. I never really got used to public speaking no matter how many times I already did this.

Here I was, giving a little information about myself.

After which, I showed the materials needed if you want to DIY using fabric pens. Look at that na-tatae face, lol So embarrassing. 

I started off with a tote bag. Almost same as what I did at the booth. I combined lettering with few line drawings.

Luckily, kuya cameraman was sharing the stage with me so it felt a little alone up there.

And NBS posted me on their instagram story… hihi so kilig!

I used the tote bag the next day at the beach.

Anyway, after the tote bag, I did a lettering and stencil on a pouch. Apparently, I had no photo of that. Then I showed how to up-cycle your clothes especially if you want a new look but with the same shirt. I showed the feather on black shirt first then if you don’t feel like drawing, you can use geometric patterns using washi tapes. This one, I used a chevron pattern on my denim shirt pocket.


That summed up my talk. One of the longest 30mins of my life, lol.

Odette also did a demo for Marvy Uchida on the first day. Where she talked about flouring and shadowing on lettering using Marvy Uchida’s Le Plume. Look how beautiful her handwriting.

Here are the few of the brands that were there…

Sakura, Prismacolor, Grumbacher.

Fabriano Paper.

Sharpie, Limelight and Evo.

This was my first craft gig last year, if I remember. It was such a privilege to be part of this and definitely to work with Marvy Uchida.

This was pretty special to me. This was the time my sister was home and she was able to attend with my Mama and Wacky. My friend, Ena and Nikki was also there.

And that’s what happened on the NBS Color and Calligraphy Fair Davao.


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