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If you haven’t heard yet, Instax launched their second Instax Share, called SP-2. And if you’re not quite familiar what Instax Share is, let me give you a little glimpse of what it is…

If you enjoy the charm of Instax camera, not only because of the candy like colours or the vintage models, but also because it gives you the nostalgic and surprise feeling of the tradition way of taking photos. Where you use films and have it developed before you can actually see it without editing.

The Instax Share on the other hand gives you a different charm. It combines vintage to modern because you can print your old photos using your smart phones. Very handy right?

I mean, if you’re an Instagram addict like me, and you want your old photos to come alive; Or a mom who wants to collect the monthly or yearly growth of your newly born baby;  Or simply a couple who loves collecting memories. Instax Share is definitely something you and me need.

It’s very compact and light, seriously, you can just put it in your hand bag. Two colours to choose from, gold or silver. Best part, it’s rechargeable via USB cord. This is my favourite upgraded feature compared to the SP-1. Now, you don’t have to look for that lithium battery.

Here’s what you’ll get if you buy one: Printer; USB cord; Battery; Manual

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The film is the same as Mini 7, 7s, 8, 25, 70 and 90. Which is the standard size of Instax. So, if you own an Instax camera (Just like me… I have the Mini 25 and 90, SP-1 and SP-2. Yup! I’m a hoarder like that, LOL) then no need to fret because it’s just an added gadget for you. Here’s how you put the film inside.

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Now, this is the exciting part… where you get to play with it using your smart phone.

This is how you use the Instax Share SP-2.

{1} First, download the Instax Share app.

{2} Turn on the SP-2 and change your WIFI connection to Instax (once the printer is on, it will show automatically)

{3} Go to the Instax Share app and work on your photos.

** Kindly check the settings as you may need to pair your smartphone to the printer

{4} Once you’ve decided and ready, just click PRINT.

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It’s so easy right? Nice thing about this is you can reprint, decorate or add filter to your photo. And did I mention, if you own a Fujifilm cameras, you can transfer and print it directly? Amazing, isn’t it?

Here are few ideas on what you can do with your prints:

• DIY Instax Hanging Wall Banner

• Markers to use for Instax

• Crafty Notes

• DIY Upcycled Box

• LampStax

I share snippets of other things I used Instax prints for, you can check it on Instagram: @iam_artisan

If you’re curious about Instax Share or other Instax cameras, feel free to email me at [email protected]Or if you want to see the other cameras available, you can check Artisan Paperie.


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