Instagram Sunday #78

Instagram Sunday

The week was surprisingly a manageably hectic kind of week. I finished few projects. I was able to exercise 3 times. Manage to paint a little. Attended few events. A little hair pampering and then some.

I’m very much active on Instagram: @iam_artisan. If you’re into anything artsy fartsy, design, crafting and coffee, let’s meet there. And if you’re new here, I normally share 4 of my Instagram photos.

{1} Last Saturday, CBTL launches their Giving Journal. Yup! It’s that time of the year again. I hold a brush lettering workshop last year. This time, I’m happy to be a participant. We decorated a sugar cookie (that will be given to SOS children) and their paper cup. That’s my entry for the cup and I’m not so proud of my sugar cookie, haha.

{2} In the afternoon, I rushed back to Yellow Hauz because I have a craft party for Sophia, a sweet 8 year old girl who wants to do a handmade stationery with her friends.

{3} Earlier in the week, I finally tried the colour sample from Daniel Smith and made a swatch. I was looking for few more colours to add in my palette.

{4} Then I showed to my client, also friends, a mock-up of the jar packaging I was designing for them. Still need some few changes but overall they already liked it. Yay!

It’s the 3rd week of November and I’m not sure how I can keep up with the fast pace. How are you doing so far? Are you already preparing your christmas list? Are you panicking like me? LOL. Anyway, let’s make this week better than the last, shall we?


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