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I’ve been in the business for 7 years now and ever since I’ve been meaning to create a catalogue of my designs. Specifically, holiday gift guide. But then of course, deadlines, procrastinating and then some got along the way. This time though, I’ve push myself to finally do it (still unprepared and panicked to the highest level). I’ve come to realised, perhaps, I really worked well under pressure.

After few revisions, sleepless nights and stressed eating, may I share with you Artisan Paperie Paper Goods 2016 Guide (Woooh! That’s mouthful, I know! I am very poor in giving titles or captions and I’m on a deadline).

You’ll find few of our designs like my favourite, gift wrappers. I always like the unconventional way of wrapping. Plus, contradicting as it may sound, I’m not really good with colours, so I’ve designed a wrapper with the absence of colour which is black and white.

If you find black and white a bit odd for a gift wrapper, let me give you ideas how to make it “crafty.”

You’ll also find gift tags for the holiday and for all occasions.

And our greeting cards.

At the last part, you’ll also see our 2016 planner, Blangko. It’s available in 4 colours and as pre-order. It will arrived hopefully mid December.

For the gift wrappers and gift tags, we offer custom design. You can choose from the designs and put your names on it. You can also send us your ideas and we’ll see how we can come up with your own design.

Feel free to share Artisan Paperie Paper Goods 2016 Guide to your friends and family who share the same love you have for paper.

For inquiries and orders email us at [email protected]


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