DIY Christmas Postcard


Things were running smoothly lately even though I was pressing time in juggling work, social life and exercise all the same every week. Up until yesterday when I was having my usual morning routine… Set up my workspace, ordered coffee from Yellow Hauz, multi-tasking on my laptop (designing, browsing, answering emails, downloading, etc.) while drinking coffee… and then boom! Spilled my coffee on my laptop! Like almost 1/16 of a cup. That’s where I got a little panicked.

I rushed to 4 repair centers right away, finally found one who can accommodate me right away. All thanks to iFix. Silver lining of it, the mother board was okay but the top case needed to be replaced. Still an expensive part but not as expensive as the mother board. Thank God for that.

When majority of your work relies on a computer, this is a major crisis! Luckily, Ena my college friend, lend me her extra laptop the moment she found out. Grateful for friends like her.

Anyway, that’s not about the DIY christmas postcard but I posted a short video of this on instagram @iam_artisan yesterday and meant to post the longer version here. A day late but here you go…

I love simple DIYs. Especially, on a holiday season because everyone get so busy with the parties, shopping and bazaars. And you need to send a lot of cards or postcards before that. So for those who like handmade, we need the simplest DIYs but still looks nice.

Materials for DIY Christmas Postcard

• Plain cardstock or any thick paper

• Patterned paper

• Marker (Sharpie)

• Punches (Circle and scallop)

• Twine

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


• You use any scrap paper for the ornament

• Coins can be an alternative if you don’t have punches.

This is less than a 15-minute paper craft. That’s why you can make as many as you want in an hour.

I hope you enjoy this DIY as much as I enjoyed making it. And if you noticed, I’m trying this vlog for my DIY. Feel free to give me feedback on what you think about this. And I would like to see your DIY Christmas postcard.


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