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The week was kinda not on my side. Either the universe was telling me to slow down or it was just a bad week for me. First, I got a flu last weekend. Second, I spilled coffee on my laptop and it needed some repair. Lastly, I am sick again with some stomach flu.

I feel a little better now, was able to finish my painting. Although, I still need to finish a lot of deadline, but I think I’m gonna take it slow this week. I need to recover, physically and mentally. The rainy weather is not helping either. I hope your feeling a lot better on your side there.

Although, Davao was gloomy this week, I was sending sunshine of inspiration on my Instagram @iam_artisan and @artisanpaperie‘s feed.

{1} Made handwritten labels for Artisan Paperie‘s shelves. I used gold ink on black paper. These are available in the shop too. You can make this idea into gift tags.

{2} I love simple DIYs. And I shared a video of a DIY christmas postcard.

{3} My online shop is already live and greeting cards are just one of the items you’ll find there.

{4} We’re busy packing our black and white gift wrappersAnd so with the personalised gift wrappers. You can check our Artisan Paperie Paper Goods 2016 Guide if you want to have your own gift tags and wrappers.

Aside from the christmas parties, there are a lot of events going on. Now if you’re looking for creative gig this month, here are 2 events that you might want to look forward to.

Graphicon 5. I had the privilege to be part of the speakers last year. It’s 5th year and just like every year, you’ll hear wonderful speakers from illustration to animation. You can buy the tickets at Yellow Hauz.

Daniel Smith Launch in Morning Light. If you noticed, I’ve been using Daniel Smith for quite some time now. And I cannot believe that I’m one of the artists that will give demo on their launch. I’m so giddy about this and nervous as well. It’s my first time to do an art demo and be introduced as an “artist.” The job title I’ve been wanting to add in my resume. And there it is.

I’m planning to make my week slower. Not to work so much, eat right, sleep early maybe. Not sure if that will happen though. How about you? For one, I strongly suggest, take your vitamins everyday. Health is wealth. I agree on this slogan.

If you’re doing your christmas shopping already, come drop by at Artisan Paperie or our online shop (I’ll update this week) or our Etsy shop. We have a lot of things that you might want to check.


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