Watercolor Workshop with Jad

Crafting + Workshop

Last March, Artisan Paperie collaborated with Jad for a watercolour workshop. It’s my first time to collaborate with a Davao artist and it was really fun. I don’t know why I didn’t do this before. I love how Jad was really well prepared for it.

Let me share how the workshop went…

We held the workshop in Yellow Hauzwhere I normally hold my workshops.

Here’s the kit what Artisan Paperie prepared. We used ZIG transparent watercolour palette. Canson 180gsm watercolour paper for the drills and Strathmore 300gsm cold press watercolor paper for their final output. We added some paper goods like postcard, artwork from Jad and gift tags. And Artisan Paperie box.

Gifts Davao was so generous and gave us these two beautiful bouquets so our participants have reference on how to paint the florals.

Here’s Jad explaining the basics of watercolour.

After that, everybody got so busy painting…

Jad showing us how to do it…

To learn more about the workshop, here’s a video by Jad.

Anyway, we’re having another watercolour workshop this Saturday. We can still accommodate few more participants if you want to join. You can register here so we can reserve you a slot.

P.S. Next month,Artisan Paperie x Wacky Masbad are collaborating for a DJ workshop. We will post the details soon…


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