Instagram Sunday #74

Instagram Sunday

This week is probably my most favourite for July. I was able to finish most of my deadlines and the best part, I learned so many things from my weekend trip in Manila. From workshops to life lessons and simply catching up with friends.

My Mama and I had a planned trip to Manila this weekend, but she decided not to go anymore. Since we already had the plane tickets, I went on my own and went to see my closest friends and attended various craft workshops.

{1} One of these closest friends is Airees. We used to make custom invites before and that’s where we became friends. Now, we both concentrated on creating our passion in crafts. Anyway, she upcycled Starbucks’ coffee foils and turned them into pouches then painted on them. She let me played with it and let me used her stash of craft materials.

{2} As you may know, I’ve been collaborating with Davao artists for workshops. But this time, I’ll be doing a very different kind. I’m quite excited about this because I’m collaborating it with my boyfriend, Wacky. It’s different because it’s not my usual craft workshops but still about honing your creativity but in the music world. Details will be posted soon.

{3} I’m seriously addicted to Daniel Smith. One of my personal projects are creating a series in watercolour of animals. So far I already have two. Hopefully, I can paint another one this week.

{4} Before I left for Manila, I had a private calligraphy workshop. I do this once in awhile to help my customers learn how to use their calligraphy tools. If you’re interested you can email me at [email protected]So I can include you in our next schedule.

My Manila trip was really awesome. It was different from my usual trips because I traveled like a backpacker. Moved from one place to another, carrying all my things with me. It felt so liberating. Also, I took two craft workshops: Leather Crafting and Brass Jewelry Making. Met with my closest crafter friends. First with Reg, then stayed in Laguna with Airees. Last but not the least with Katia and Aileen.

I had the best weekend ever. Felt like a craft and life weekend retreat for me. It was tiring but I feel inspired and energised.

I truly wish your week went well too. Although, I always have this perception that no matter what situation you are in, your attitude towards it is the only thing that can change it. I had some unfortunate incidents during the week but I look at it as a learning process or an adventure.

If you had an awesome week, created something over the weekend, chatted with friends or bonded with family, say Bazinga!

May you sleep soundly tonight… good night.


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