Relaxing Watercolor with Jad Montenegro

Crafting + Workshop

After three weeks of cold weather, fighting off jet lag and allergies… I am now officially back home and catching up with my deadlines and still fighting off jet lag and allergies {My goodness! If you have remedies for allergic rhinitis aside from taking anti-histamine, I will treat you for coffee for the entire month, I swear!}

Anyway, couple of things are happening this month… it’s Yellow Hauz‘s anniversary month and the creative workshop series continues. This month, I’m collaborating with Jad Montenegro.

Jad is one of the artists I look up to here in Davao. And she’s not just a visual artist. This lady is one of the talented persons I know. I’ve known her before as a musician {I started as her fan actually after I knew her through my sister}. Then last year, I got to know her better through our WaterKulto sessions

Then one night, she messaged me about holding a workshop, which was such a great timing because I was already thinking of collaborating with Davao artists after my first collab workshop and she was the first person that came in mind. Talking about coincidence, right?

So after one meeting over cinnamon bun, it’s finally happening. This may be short notice {totally my bad!} because it’s going to be on March 26. But it’s a good way to spend your holy week – learn a new skill.

Here are few of Jad’s artworks and what you’ll learn when you attend the workshop. Check her Instagram, @jadmontenegro, to see more of her work.

Register here to reserve your slot. And if you have questions, feel free to email me at [email protected] or contact me at 0917.480.1555.


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