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Hi again… did you enjoy the DIY drawing postcard? I really hope you did… because after you’re done with your DIY postcard, I wanna swap with you.

I did a handmade postcard swap few years ago and I wanna do it again.

I drew three botanical postcards and these are the postcards I’ll be swapping with you. 

I wanna send these postcards while I’m still here in Vancouver. Yes, that means I’ll be using a Canada stamp. I can only afford to send these three because postage here is expensive. But if I’ll get more swap partners, I will still send the botanical drawing postcards but I’ll use Philippine stamps already

Now, who’s up for it? If you are… kindly sign up here. Don’t worry, your mailing address is safe with me. I’ll be closing the list on March 10, 2016 {Thursday}. And the first three who will sign up will have the Canada stamps on it. I’ll inform you through email to know you’re part of the swap. Ooooh… can’t wait to swap with you…


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