Instagram Sunday #75

Instagram Sunday

When you get so excited with your work for almost 2 weeks now or you have so many ideas that you hardly get enough sleep, it will catch up on you. I learned it the hard way and I’m still being stubborn about it thus it’s catching up on me now. Goodness! I am so tired and sleepy today.

Been sleeping late because ideas are roaming around my head. Then been waking up early because I get so excited and catching up deadlines. Of course in between, there were a lot of procrastination. Urgh! Worse part, haven’t been reading my e-courses. Golly! I’m actually on a panic mode right now.

Anyway, here’s how my week went…

{1} Artisan Paperie and Jad had another batch of watercolour workshop last Saturday. Although the workshop was about watercolour, I made the signage with brush lettering.

{2} Third of my animal watercolour series. I’m thinking if I should still add 2 more. What do you think?

{3} Having a stationery shop is so convenient. I’m loving these paper tapes that I have in the store. And I thought post-its can never get better until I found these. I like using them for labels.

{4} Few weeks ago, I tried using a locally made hair product from HairFood Co. I love their hair reborn shampoo and conditioner. Now, I’m trying their miracle oils. The Argan and Rosehip. I’ve heard about how these oils can help dry skin, insect bites, etc. You can find them in SM Ecoland and Lanang and Abreeza.

Since, my week was more about watercolour {well, most of my weeks were like that now}. Thought, I’d include these people I follow on instagram that truly inspire me with their work.

{1} Daniel Lei Studio {2} Lorra Elena {3} Jad Montenegro-Amor {4} Calligrafikas

I don’t need to elaborate on this anymore because their work will speak for themselves. And they are all from the Philippines. Jad and Lorra are from Davao, but Lorra moved in Manila already. I met Daniel once with his wife and I’m really hoping I can join one of their watercolour workshops. I never met Drew but been a fan of her work since then.

That’s it for now because I still need to catch up on my modules and I’m already tired and sleepy. Ta-ta!


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