Instagram Sunday #72

Instagram Sunday

How did your Sunday go? I spent all day at home. I was supposed to do some pampering for myself but I need to finish a design that has watercolour elements. I got a little frustrated because I cannot get exactly what I’m trying to do.

Anyway, last week was a mixture of being busy and fun. Met with different group of friends over lunch, dinner and drinks. Had a meeting with a supplier for Artisan Paperie. But the important part, I was able to squeeze in exercise. I’m doing pilates or yoga 3x a week. I meant to go back boxing and make my exercise routine 4x a week. Still a struggle.

Anyway, here’s the rest of what happened. I missed posting last Sunday so I’m including a photo from that week.

{1} This is what I’m working on. I’m trying to figure out something for the florals. I did some few more after that but I’m still not quite happy about it. Anyway, keep practicing they say.

{2} Recently, I tried this new hair products called Crown and Glory from Hairfood Co. and so far I’m loving it. I love the smell of it and the packaging too. So far though, I’m having less hair fall, yay! The good part is, it’s made here in Mindanao. Originally from GenSan but you can find them in SM Lanang and SM Ecoland. I have yet to try their argon oil too.

{3} I decided to finish 2016 strong. I’ve been putting all my ideas for years now so I decided it will be different this year. I need help though because my mind is just everywhere. So, I took Arriane Serafico‘s Courage Club Braver Course. This time, I’m taking it seriously. I bought so many e-courses before and never really took them seriously, which I regret so much. I truly enjoy the class. Been meaning to go back to school and this one is like a glimpse of it.

{4} Last July 7, 2016, Artisan Paperie celebrated it’s 7th year. I cannot believed it. 7 years doing what I love. I changed the course from where I started though but still in connection to what I love doing. We just had a simple celebration. Took a photo of me first thing I got in the shop. We had spaghetti for merienda with my assistant and Yellow Hauz‘s crew (as they were also a big part of it). As a thank you, I offered 7% off and a free instax to our customers.

There you go… that’s how my two weeks went.

I’m not sure yet what are my plans for this week. So far, aside from my usual errands and deadlines for the designs, I have more time to concentrate for designing my stationery line.

Have a great week ahead. Good night everyone.


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