Studio Vlog 13 | Preparing For Our Wedding

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Hi again. I’ve already shared this Studio Vlog 13 on YouTube channel: April San Pedro few weeks ago. I was supposed to blog about it the same time I uploaded it but you know… limited and unmanaged time.

Anyway, with this vlog, I talked about our wedding preparation. Wacky and I already got married last year (which I shared on our 1st Year Wedding Anniversary) but we wanted to have a church wedding this time.

I thought, it was my first time to show my face while talking.

We only wanted a small and intimate kind of wedding so I thought there’s nothing much to prepare. Apparently, there’s still is, lol. So here… I shared few our suppliers who are also our friends.

Using a bullet journal for tracking our progress.

I know I already retired from doing custom wedding invites, but I just couldn’t say no to my friend. So, I used my iPad Pro for making their logo. In a way, I was also able to maximize the use of it and justify why I bought it, lol.

Using Procreate.

Here’s the full video of it.

I’m not sure if you enjoy seeing my face on the video. Although, it really makes me feel uncomfortable. But whenever I watch studio vlogs, I like it when they talk to the camera like as if talking to me. So, I just thought of doing what I like watching.

Anyway, see you on my next one.


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