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It’s a busy month in the studio, well generally for all of us. But for months now, time seems to run so slow. Well, I’m in a state of a challenging situation, both personal and career aspects, that’s why I’m having a hard time finding my mojo back and it feels like I have a lot of time to spare.

To keep me company, I push myself to do something creative just so to be preoccupied. Lately, I’m learning more about painting with watercolors. My way of bringing out the frustrated artist in me. One of my favourite subjects are landscapes. Even in photography, my subjects are more about sceneries than people.

I’m not familiar with the techniques in painting and Youtube is such a big help in learning new things, don’t you agree? I came across Ekaterina Smirnova‘s channel and tried her Blue Ridge Mountains watercolor tutorial.
I’m using Sakura Koi watercolor, filbert brush, #6 and #4 round brush. These are available in the shop except for the Koi watercolor set but I do have a different brand if you still don’t have one.Here’s the video for your reference.

Last time, I played with metallic colors and humming bird. I find these tutorials quite simple for a beginner like me, so feel free to try it out too.


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