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Ever since I was introduce with typefaces or fonts, I fell in love right away with all kinds of serif. Now, if this may sound geberish language to you, heres a little fact.

{Serif} is a type of font that has a small line stroke attached to the end of a letter or symbol. Also called as Roman.

Now in layman’s term, you can distinguish this font with the same look as the typewriter or normally the one used in the books. So if you see those kinds of font, they are called serif.

Graphic designers moreover typographers, are truly fascinated with typefaces. Some have their favourites and some, just like me, are in love with it. There are times when I see certain serif fonts be it in books or any design, where I can just stare at it and say… Wow! That’s so beautiful. Specially with uppercase letter Q. Sometimes, I really wish my family name starts with Q. There’s a certain beauty with that tail hanging on it.

Like I said, we all have our favourites when it comes to typefaces. And mine always fall in the serif group. I really don’t know why… well, maybe because I used to read books before so it reminds of the old age and how classic and elegant it is to look at. Here are my top five serif fontsBaskerville – I normally used this in most of my documents. And look at that letter Q. oooh! So handsome!

Bookman Old Style – This really reminds me of books. A little closer to typewriter font.

Caslon – This one has a higher length and thinner strokes.

Didot – this is my current favourite. Not quite fan of the letter Q though, but once you form the letters into words, ahhh… it just shouts elegance. The serif typefaces I did above was Didot, do you understand now what I mean? I love how that small round stroke at the end of letters c, f, r and y. And the combination of thin lines with the thick. Oh and the numbers and symbols… What a beauty!

Georgia – quite similiar with Bookman Old Style though a bit bolder.

Alright… I’m geeking over fonts now, I know… but who wouldn’t? I mean, do you ever notice the signs everywhere? Let’s say in the malls and roads where it says, exit, entrance, restroom, etc. I love checking those things and you’ll know a place has a good taste when they know how to choose the right typefaces.

I just think this simple typefaces can actually bring beauty and elegance. And it’s important that graphic designers know how to play with it. Normally, serifs are associated with formal, classic and elegant feel. That’s why old times used this. And that’s why I love it too. It’s simple.

Let’s end it here thought, before I can’t stop blabbing about how beautiful this serif fonts are. Next time, I’ll share the opposite of serif which is san serif and give you my favourites too.

I hope you see the beauty of it or perhaps learned something. If you have your own favourite serif font, feel free to share it in the comment box.

On the not so geeky side, what are your christmas eve preparations? Well, I’m savouring the down time here and just lying down and watching movies all day till later. Have Merry Christmas everyone…


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