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Oh my!  It’s been more than a month of hiatus. Well, if you’ve been wondering what happened to me… the first weeks of September was crazy. I was preparing for my two-week leave, so I had to finish everything before I left. Then suddenly, came October. Yes! That quick.

Anyway, I had a long vacation to visit my sister in Vancouver. It was the longest I had. Thought I wouldn’t survived. For the reasons, I wasn’t doing anything, and of course budget restricted. But it wasn’t the case. I was able to rest and was totally inspired. There were so many beautiful things in Vancouver; the people were so friendly; there were a lot of artsy fartsy going on there. Oh! So many things to say and photos that I want to share. Then again, I just I hope I’d find time.

During my stay there. I brought all my art materials from watercolor to calligraphy. What are you gonna do when you’re not doing anything? Well of course, I took the chance of learning new skills. Watercolor was in my mind. Then, I came across this video from The Frugal Crafter on how to paint a hummingbird. I tried it out and I really enjoyed it.


She used metallic watercolors or pearlescent but what I had was just the usual one. I got intrigued with the metallic kind so suddenly, I had the urged to find it. And looked what I found? It’s not the same brand she used but I liked it so far.
It’s a bit lighter than the usual colours but I liked the glitter look of it.I gave the first hummingbird painting to my sister. Didn’t realize she would like it would put in in a frame. I don’t really find it as a frame worthy but I love how my sister was so supportive with my dorkiness, hihi… {I love and miss you sissy}.

Here’s the video in case you want to try it too…

I also made a flamingo for a cute little girl, Ellie. She’s the child of my couple friend, Chester and Ika, who also resides in Vancouver now. We had dinner together and surprised Ellie with a flamingo painting.This was the first time I parted with my so-called art. It was a bit difficult for me at first. Didn’t realize it became a part of me. All I did was to practice but somehow, I don’t want to part with it. I can’t imagine painters and artists who parted with their masterpieces. But then I thought, it should be a challenge that I must make more and a training ground as I’m dreaming of having a solo exhibit, naks!

Anyway, if you’re also intrigued with the pearlescent watercolor, it’s available in the studio. I only have few stocks. I might also update my online store next week, though right now, it’s still under construction. Hope you can check it out. Have a great weekend everyone.


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