Another Pop-up Shop

Bazaar + Exhibit

Awhile ago, I had a pop-up shop at Yellow Hauz. I displayed some new stocks from Paper goods like wrappers, notebooks and tapes; Calligraphy: nibs, inks and pads; Watercolor sets; Rubber blocks, inks and wax seals.Am I making you drool with my new stocks? hehe Here’s the whole display so you can see more… maybe this time your heart is beating faster, hehe.Don’t worry if you missed it today… I’ll do another one this Friday.Thank you everyone who dropped by today… happy crafting with your new toys… hihi…


2 thoughts on “Another Pop-up Shop”

  1. hello! i am currently in davao and can i ask where is your official store? i would literally go crazy over your products <3 thank you in advance for answering ^_^

    1. Hi Michelle… we are located at V. Mapa, Mabini St. beside Yellow Hauz. When are you planning to drop by? Would love to entertain you personally…

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