Instagram Sunday #85

Instagram Sunday

Hello lovelies. The past few weeks were quite productive. Perhaps, I have been accepting the fact that I can only do so much. And that I’ll treasure my time with my son rather than thinking of the things I wasn’t able to finish.

Last week, if you haven’t read about it yet, I started a studio vlog on my YouTube channel: April San Pedro, which motivated me to do something everyday.

Here are the things I’ve been up to.

Instagram Sunday #85

{1} I just had a watercolor lettering workshop with the kids of a friend. I’ve been taking a little break with craft workshops but every now and then I get invitations from companies or for a private workshop which is a motivation to push myself even slowly. I taught 6 lovely kids today and it always feel good to impart something that they can use for creativity.

{2} I love sharing what art supplies I used or books I’ve been reading to improve my skills or simply to inspire me. I just posted a watercolor book review on my YouTube channel: April San Pedro. And those are the exercises I made from the book.

Since, I haven’t been posting much on Instagram: @iam_artisan, these were from the weeks before.

{3} I had a watercolor lettering workshop with the kids today and this quote was a sample I did. Also, a good reminder for me.

{4} We found a black onesie from my sissy’s stash of clothes and we were so happy about it because Wacky and I mostly wear black shirt. And it deserved a photo as we were three-ning.

I’m currently editing my second vlog. I’m hoping I’d be able to post it tomorrow for consistency. But when I look at my planner, it’s quite jam packed plus a baby’s schedule is always unpredictable.

September is almost over. One first ber month, down. Two more and then it’s December.

By the way, don’t forget October 1st is the start of Inktober. I missed last year, so I’m really hoping I can join this year. Are you joining too? What will you be drawing and what materials will you be using?

I’ll share mine the moment I’m done with my task tomorrow. I usually share my whereabout on my instagram story. See you there.


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