Instagram Sunday #70

Instagram Sunday

I haven’t been as active on instagram as I used to. I’m not quite sure why. I seldom checked it as well. For the past few instagram sundays, I just had enough 4 photos to compile and that’s odd for me. Well, for one, I haven’t been doing any crafts, drawing or painting lately. Which is really really sad.

On the other note, been moving very slow like a snail for the past few weeks or months in finishing my deadlines. I’m pushing myself though. Not to my very best yet, but it will come. In the meantime, here’s my progress last week…

{1} Finally able to print a batch of business card for Artisan Paperie. It’s quite challenging for me to create something for your own brand. Used my drawing for the elements; printed it black and white on a 300 gsm matte paper.

{2} Been preparing healthy food for myself for the past few months like salad, couscous, mushrooms and overnight oats. Thought I’d add some for Yellow Hauz too. There you go, homemade Honey Vanilla Granola. We also added Sesame Salad.

{3} If there’s one thing I accomplished this week, it’s blogging. Yay for blogging three posts this week. Hopefully, I can do it more next week. Those were my instax from my birthday. Shared where I went last week.

{4} Had a quiet birthday week. And every location I go to, it’s necessary to keep that memory and what better way to do so but with instax.

Did I ever mention I love Mondays? Yes, I do very much. I get excited to work every Monday. I enjoy how busy I can get to start off my week. I have a lot of errands tomorrow and hopefully, I can finish a lot this week. Most especially, I really hope, I can find time to paint.

I’m planning to go Dahican, Mati this week, not sure if it will push through. How about you? What are your plans this week? Whatever it is, let’s make it happen, shall we?


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