Brush Lettering Workshop with Anina Rubio

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Been holding my own workshops for the past few years now. There were times, where I partnered with my sister way back before or with another crafter friend which we called Kids Gone Craft. This time, I thought of collaborating with another artist or crafter friend instead. Unlike before, I also co-teach a different workshop together with my partner. This collaboration on the other hand, is to promote Artisan Paperie. Instead of teaching with another artist, I’m the one preparing the workshop: from inviting participants to preparing the venue and the kits and the other artist/crafter will be the one who will teach the workshop.

First workshop collaboration was with Anina Rubio. We had two workshops back in January. On the first day, we had Brush Lettering.

This was the kit I prepared for the participants. 

I seriously enjoy packing the kits. They are carefully curated by me. Then I got more excited because we have more goodies from different partners like: Fedrigoni Papers for our watercolour paper and a journal for our contest; Sneakers Club for Rastaclat bracelet also for a contest; Fujifilm Instax for our Instax prints; ZIG for some pens, Stabilo for our pencils and erasers; Artisan Paperie for some stationeries.

Thank you very much to our generous partners especially to Ruth of Fedrigoni Papers. I was geeking out to Wacky when I got the papers. She sent us 10% cotton paper and the texture was really nice. And of course to Danelle of Sneaker Club. When she said they’ll give out rastaclat blacelets, you cannot imagine how big my smile was. I’ve been a fan of rastaclat blacelets. I already had 2 rastaclats and this one was just perfect for my collection.

We went to the beach after the workshop and we still can’t get enough of our rastaclat blacelets. Yup! I told you so, I love rastaclats.

Anyway, we were able to fit everyone in Yellow Hauz‘s function room

Anina showed them how to control the brush pen.

Then everybody got busy and concentrating doing their drills.

These were some of their works on a postcard.

This one’s was Anina’s.

I was also doing my own brush lettering on a postcard that I’ll be sending to my sister.

Class picture time…

Two winners were chosen and got one rastaclat bracelet and the other one got a journal from Fedrigoni. Everyone also went home with instax print.

Thank you everyone who joined us… it was a good Saturday afternoon. That’s one workshop down. Up next, what happened on our second day for the Floral Type Workshop.


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