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Hi friends… it’s already half of summer and I’m sure kids are quite bored now and itching to do something different. So, here’s something they can try… I’m having a 2-day craft workshop for kids with Bits To Pieces.

Last year, I did it with my sister who’s miles away from me now. So this time I’m collaborating with Kay Fanlo. She’s a clay master and she’ll be teaching kids how to make cute little things with it… I on the other-hand, will teach how to paint on canvas tote bag.It’s a 2-day craft workshop,and it will be held in Yellow Hauz here in Davao. Materials and snacks is also included. We can only accommodate 6 kids in this batch. To register, kindly fill-in this registration form. If you have concerns and other inquiries, feel free to email me at [email protected]

Hope your kids can join us… you can also follow me and kay over instagram.


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