Instagram Sunday #53

Instagram Sunday

Days seem to passed by so fast… it feels like it was just my birthday weekend, but then it’s already easter Sunday. Speaking of which, as much as I wanted to do a DIY for easter Sunday, unfortunately, I got caught up with so many things during the Holy Week. We had some family visitor, my commemorate lola’s {grandma} 40th day. {I still can’t imagine it’s been 40th days now, how we miss her so much}.

Anyway, this week will be quite busy as well. Mom’s birthday will be on Tuesday. I still need to plan on that. On top of that, need to finalize the design for the final printing. Oh goodness! How do you finish most of your deadlines? I haven’t even had time to blog more of the activities I had during the past few weeks.

In the meantime, my instagram feed is more updated than here. You can follow me at @iam_artisan if your up for things like craft, design and coffee.

{1} A family from Manila stayed with us during the Holy Week. We spend the weekend doing some crafts and one of which was making friendship bracelets. We used Mikko’s book to guide us for the patterns.

{2} The cousin who stayed with us was not that crafty but she’s very talented. She can draw very well and she’s quite familiar with painting, which I’m frustrated of. So I asked her to teach me some techniques on watercolor.

{3} A girl can never have too much pens. I just bought Sharpie pens. I can’t resist the vintage colors plus the metallic silver. But I need to practice lettering, mine was so ugly.

{4} What I love about summer is you get to go to the beach. And I can wear all these friendship bracelets in both hands and feel like a boho. Influenced my boyfriend to wear some too.

How was your holy week? Did you go somewhere nice? Would love to here about it… Happy Easter! Or as they say, Hoppy Easter!


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