It’s A Beautiful Day Mixtape


Lately, I’ve been addicted to mixtapes. I’m not really good with music: I sing in the shower and car; I play piano and keyboards but I can’t memorize the notes; I don’t even think, I’m good with selecting songs. But one thing is, I love listening to music. It always sets my mood, don’t you think so?

It’s A Beautiful Day Mixtape is a compilation of songs that will brighten up your day. I’ve played this over and over again for the past few days now and it did perk up my day.

This is best played while you’re prepping up in the morning. Play it as you wake up, having breakfast and until taking a bath. It sets the mood right, I tell you.

I have yet to finish compiling the second mixtape for the beach goers. You can check my other playlists here. I also enjoy this iPhone app called Spotify. It has a lot of different playlist you can choose from.

If you have more songs in your mind that can add to this mixtape or another website for mixtapes, feel free to email me at [email protected]. Enjoy your beautiful day!


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