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Do you become emotional whenever your birthday is almost near? I do… Although, being emotional is understated because that’s how I normally feel almost everyday. But every time it’s my birthday, I get this butterfly in my stomach… being sentimental… then I looked back how I spent my previous year. Oh goodness – maturity!

So anyway, I celebrated my 30ish last week {hahaha, you know you’re getting older when you’re trying to make your age sound younger}. Naaah! I just turned 32. Yup! Wala na ako sa kalendaryo! LOL.

Normally, I start this day with our usual birthday traditions. We hear mass with the family early in the morning. Then breakfast either in a fast food or hotel. Then, a small DIY dinners with cousins and/or close friends. Sometimes, I get lucky, I get surprises either from them. Then a cake and pancit is a must!

But for the past few years, things have changed and I created a different tradition for myself by going somewhere. Been doing it for 2 or 3 years now and I think I like this new tradition of mine. This is how it went this year…

Almost a week before my birthday, I went to Manila to see and support boyfriend because he had a gig there. On Friday, we went to Clark for Castaway together with DJ Travis Monsod and his wife, Kat. {A big thank you Trav and Kat for tagging us along and for such a fun weekend}.

Me and Kat enjoying Park Inn‘s pool in Clark before heading to Zambales.

We went straight to Zambales the next day for another festival – Summer Siren.

I wasn’t able to explore their beach but Summer Siren had a beautiful set up at Crystal Beach. This was during Travis and Marc’s (MxM) set.

After the weekend, Mama and I stayed for a day in Manila then to Iloilo. It’s my first time there and I was really surprised how beautiful Iloilo is. They have a lot of beautiful local cafés and restaurants. This one was from Buto’t Balat. They’re known for seafood especially talaba (oyster).

Had a nice walk with Mama in Iloilo River Esplanade.

We also went to Guimaras. A 15-minute boat ride from Iloilo City. The beach was really nice but I wasn’t able to enjoy it longer. We just went to see their tourist spots, had lunch and went back to Iloilo again.

On my birthday, we’re supposed to stay in Bacolod. Unfortunately, since my Mama and I don’t plan much about our travels, we didn’t know it’s their Panaad Festival and all the hotels were fully booked (haha). And since it’s just a 1-hour fast craft ride, we decided to checked the city and go back to Iloilo again.

Of course, a birthday is never complete without a cake. I had a slice of chocolate cake from Calea and my only photo on that day.

My sister who lives in Canada posted this, which made me extra emotional as I woke up… Realised, it’s been 3 years that I celebrated my birthday without her and 13 years without my Papa.

Last day of vacation, we went to checked The Ruins. And it was a fun way to end our trip. The story and the architectural of this place is truly inspiring. I’ll try to post more photos about this place.

My sister asked me what I wanted as a gift and I couldn’t think of anything except for a plane ticket to Greece, hehe. Kidding aside, I think right now, I couldn’t asked for more… I’m grateful for having a good health and I’m surrounded with people who loves and cares for me. As you become older, these are things that matter most, well at least to me.

And there goes another birthday… and another place ticked off from my travel list. Next year, I’ll definitely do the same thing and think I know where I’m going.



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