Instagram Sunday #56

Instagram Sunday

I realized how my recent posts were more of events and happenings. As a matter of fact, I have more events waiting to be post, haha. Just too lazy to choose which photo and to edit them. But I’ll try to share one of the projects that we just finished or perhaps a glimpse of what we’re working on…

{1} Attended Alessa’s watercolor workshop last time I was in Manila. Then I tried to practice even though I was a bit scared. But they say, practice makes perfect and artists are not scared to get dirty.

{2} There’s a new resto in town. A franchise from Manila called EchoStore. And I’m so loving it. I will definitely go there more often.

{3} How I love using Muji notebooks. Now we have limited stocks in the store. Comes in dotted and plain sheets. Perfect for the artist and simply to write down your thoughts.

{4} My sister surprised me with a card. Saying she reminded me of that design. Can’t help but missed her so much… but I’ll be seeing her soon… and I can’t really wait.

This week, a lot of workshops coming up in Yellow Hauz:

• May 27-28 (Tuesday and Wednesday; 2:00 p.m.) Kid’s Gone Craft second batch.

May 30 (Friday) Basic Photoshop with Andrew dela Serna

• May 31 (Saturday; 2:00 p.m) a crafternoon with kids for the breastfeeding advocacy.

You can email me at [email protected] if you want to join in any of these. And I have a surprise for you this coming July. It’s gonna be a major craft weekend event with your favourite crafters from Manila. So keep coming back here. Goodnight friends…


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