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Seriously, for the past few weekends I’ve been busy attending either my own workshops or events. But few Saturdays ago, I had a very inspiring day. I indulged myself with the business side this time.

I attended Google Business Day and I was indeed reminded why I was in the business world and why I chose to be my own boss. It was truly a fun and inspiring whole day hearing all the speakers.

We got to meet and hear people behind the Google Business Group.

Then different speakers from Manila and Davao talked about their experiences and how Google tools helped their businesses. In the afternoon they focused more in encouraging women to start up their own business. Here’s the list of the whole speakers…

It’s so great to hear these women sharing their own stories. I was amazed how generous these speakers were in sharing with what they know.Anyway, I have this new motto that in every conference or any activity I’ll be attending, I have to introduce myself to at least one person. So I dared myself and talked to the speakers and asked for a photo. And they were the nicest and the goofiest. I knew some of them by name and through social media and it’s just perfect to introduce myself personally.

I wish I have a better camera like the Fujifilm so I could have taken better photos. Or I’m just finding some excuse, hehe.

Anyway, that day fuelled me up and really refreshed my mind. This is a great project by Google, supporting and encouraging people to build their own business specially women. I hope they do these more often.


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