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It’s really nice to know that Etsy is already quite known here in Davao. But what’s more nice is… Etsy Party is also happening here. Yes! You heard me right! No more drooling over photos of etsy party from other countries because we’re having an etsy party!!! Woohoo! And that’s not all… it’s going to be in Yellow Hauz. That deserves another woohoo – so here’s a big wooooohooooo!

The moment when my boyfriend saw his facebook feed {surprisingly, he has a crafter friend, hehe} that there’s an etsy party happening, I contacted the organizer right away.

So her name is Sasa and she’s responsible for making this happen here in Davao. I seriously cannot contain my excitement when I knew about this. When I met her, she’s so nice and we talked about tools, die-cuts and other things like what crafters go crazy about. I was so happy! I met another crafter friend, and she’s from Davao. How great is that? So marked your calendars folks!

June 7, 2014; Saturday; Yellow Hauz

Registration is FREE.

Contact Sasa {0908 812 2839} for registration.

If you’re a crafter and wanted to spread your handmade items here in Davao, you are very much welcome to be part in our swag of goodies. You can email me at [email protected]


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  1. i registered na through eventbrite. hopefully my little one will cooperate and wait until her due date so mommy can join the etsy party hehe 🙂

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