Instagram Sunday #56 and Happy Mother’s Day

Instagram Sunday

I get to practice lettering and typography this week. I also learned how to make homemade burgers. I try to learn new things in simple ways lately. However, it gives me anxiety having so much ideas in mind, specially at night. I can’t sleep well anymore thinking of so many great creative ideas. Do you experience that too?

{1} Last Friday, I invited my graphic designer friends for a burger night. I tried making my own homemade burger. Well, it’s not something I can be proud of but its edible, lol.

{2} I have new stocks in the store. Wooden colored pencil on this very chic and floral case. I wanted one for myself, but I only have few stocks and my faber castell is still very much long, so I’ve thought, I wouldn’t need a new set yet. In fairness, I have truly become responsible in buying things now.

{3} Sent out a parcel and made some drawing on the envelope to make the yellow envelope looked fun. I used sharpie metallic and pastel colored pens. Oh, the metallics are so nice to use. I also used muji pen and washi tape.

{4} Made a little signage for my display in Yellow Hauz, and I attempted lettering. And I’m loving my dotted notebook again from Muji.

On the other side, my mom and I didn’t celebrate Mother’s Day today unlike last year… It’s weird but she thought, we’ll just postpone it for our trip this week. So we had a very simple ordinary day.

But I get emotional thinking on what I want to say to her because truly, I’m so grateful for my mama. She really is the best mom a child could ever have. She does everything she could for her daughters without asking anything in return. A true love of a mother. And I love her so much.

I said it last year and I’ll say it again. I salute all the moms in the world… Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms.


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