Instagram Sunday #22

Instagram Sunday

The week went so fast and fun. I made a new drink for Yellow Hauz, product shoot for my new stocks and a 2-day kids workshop. I keep on saying “what? it’s already wednesday? friday?” Argh and now, it’s already sunday. My goodness! Anyway, an instagram sunday from some of the happenings last week.

{1} Wedding invitations ready for pick-up

{2} My workshop was featured on Edge Davao Newspaper by Meggy.

{3} Just repacking my own washi and fabric tape collection so I don’t have to bring them.

{4} I have a new pen in the store and I’m trying to imitate it. Failed!

Also we celebrated mother’s day early, like last Thursday because we had a weekend workshop and I’m leaving for a trip today. We had a stay-casion as our gift for our mama.To my mama, who’s the reason of my being. You are the strongest and kindest person I ever know. I hope one day, I’ll pass on all those traits to my children. Happy Mother’s day ma, I love you so much.

And to all the mothers out there… I salute all of you. Being a mom takes a lot of courage, strength and everything else. I adore how you manage everything. You deserve a week celebration instead of just one. Happy mother’s day to you.


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