Instagram Sunday #23

Instagram Sunday

The year was really good to me… I travelled to different places every month to have a little vacation with family or friends. This month was really surprising because I never thought it would pushed through. But it did, so I just came from Okinawa, Japan with Green Tomato team to attend a wedding and to help out for their wedding video.

Oh how I love Japan! All those zakka (cute) stores and cafés were just so adorable. I have more photos to share, but for now, some short stories from my instagram.

{1} Since Davao doesn’t have direct flights internationally, I normally stay in Manila for a couple of days before or after my trip. I try to visit places I always wanted to go to and one of them is TWG in Greenbelt. Finally, finally! Got to try it, and oh I was so happy. I love the elegant ambiance and the tea was really good. Bought few flavors and we will offer it in Yellow Hauz. I hope you’ll like it too.

{2} I had an unprepared trip to Japan with the Green Tomato team to attend a wedding of our Cantonese friend, Andy and Suki. Both from Hongkong but they had their wedding in Okinawa. Cool, right?

{3} After the wedding, we spent the days roaming around the city and of course, my goal every trip is to visit cute stores and cafes. Elufe was just one of them.

{4} My mom love to eat fruits. So when I saw passion fruits and guavas on the side walk, I thought of buying her some as my pasalubong.

I’ll be back in Davao tomorrow but my work will officially start on Tuesday. I had new stocks for my store fresh from Japan and hopefully I can display them this week.


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