DIY: Fabric Taped Padlock


When I packed my things from my last trip, I figured out I lost my luggage padlock again. For the nth time, I bought a new one again. I guess the store didn’t have a price tag sticker, so they wrote the price on the padlock using a black marker. It was so ugly. Seriously, I couldn’t take it. So what a crafter gotta do? DIY it of course!

This is a very simple DIY project and it won’t even cost you anything, especially if you own some craft materials already.

What You’ll Need:

• Padlock

• Fabric Tape

• Scissors or cutter

• Mod Podge or glue {optional}

{1} Measure the sides or areas you want to cover the padlock with the fabric tape.

{2} Better to cut the pieces first before sticking the tape on the padlock. Once you’re done cutting the pieces, assemble the tape one by one. It’s up to you if you like the edge to be covered on the sides or below.

** You can cut small pieces for the small areas.

Two steps and you’re done! You can use mod podge or glue to cover and protect the fabric tape from dirt or lint.Thank goodness for fabric tapes and I don’t find my padlock ugly anymore. The best part is, your luggage will be noticeable from afar so you’ll get to see it right away and know it’s really your bag.

 I just love easy DIYs. I have few more here if you feel like doing some projects this week.


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