Craft Night: Making Crafty Notes

Crafting + Workshop

I had my very first craft night! And boy I was a bit nervous days before that. Sure, I have done other workshops before, but this time I’m with adults.

So one Friday night, just in time before Valentine we made crafty notes. What is it exactly? Well, it’s like a card yet it has more pages, pockets and different notes instead of just a greeting card. It can be playful if you add an activity like a puzzle, popsicles for notes or coupons… everything is possible like what I did for Sandy and Opet.

Before the craft night, I doodled the element for my collateral.

And someone was helping me out with my drawings…

Then I’ve prepared their kits…Then I set-up our workspace. The craft night was held in Yellow Hauz‘s function room.And we’ve made a craft mess…

And these were the crafty notes they made…

Thank you very much ladies for joining me on my first craft night. Hope you had fun and learned something… If you’re interested to craft with me, do leave me a comment or email me at [email protected].


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