First workshop for kids

Crafting + Workshop

For those who don’t know yet, I used to be a pre-school teacher way back before Artisan and Yellow Hauz. But no, that’s not my college degree, haha. For a moment there, I considered taking the masters in education though. I truly enjoyed being employed. Being with kids takes a lot of patience but it’s really magical.

I think I miss being a pre-school teacher so I started this idea of having a workshop for kids instead. It’s been a long time plan but I never started it until last week.

Again as being the indecisive girl, I couldn’t decide what craft to do. Until I saw a craft about birds and kites and thought of making mobile out of it instead, and this is what we did… mobile kite and mobile bird cage.

I texted my friends who have kids and invited them to join my first workshop. I was only expecting at least 3 kids but I ended up having 7. I forgot how crazy it can be. Gladly, my sister Sandy helped out and my trustee assistant Shiela was also there to assist.I made a template and printed it, then the kids had to color, cut and assemble the mobile.

I wanted to take a lot of photos, but I was so caught up and so was Sandy and Shiela. So I only had few shots from my iphone and had to deal with it.

It was so fun. Crazy fun! Moms were also happy about their kids’ project. I was so happy about the outcome. Most specially missed being with kids.

Will do another batch this weekend. This time around, it’s a 2-day workshop and partnered with my sister. I’ll do the crafting and she’ll do the baking. Will post the details tomorrow…


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