Artisan Workshop for Kids

Crafting + Workshop

I’m officially doing a workshop for kids and I’m really excited about this. The last workshop was so much fun that’s why I’m doing another batch this weekend. I know I said the next one would be crafting and baking with sister. We will… hopefully next week.

Anyway, the kids and I will be making a mobile craft just like what we did the last time. They will take home their own craft project and we’ll have a little snack after the activity. If you want to enroll your kid/s, please fill-in this form. I’ll be happy to have your kid on board.
No need to worry moms, I used to be a pre-school teacher… your kids will be in good hands… I’m pretty harmless, hehe.

Please do note, I can only accommodate 5 kids for now and I have someone to help me assist with the kids. Also I’m hosting this workshop in Davao {for now…crossing fingers}, just in case you’re from Manila, hehe.

More workshops to come after this. If you have any idea what lessons you want to learn, feel free to email me: deniseapril(at)gmail(dot)com.


2 thoughts on “Artisan Workshop for Kids”

  1. Hi April,

    Is there a chance you can take in my three-year old? She already finished nursery last month, independent and likes to draw and paint. I pity her because I can’t find a good summer activity for her – swimming was an option but they said no since she’s too young. 🙂

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