Instagram Sunday #21

Instagram Sunday

Seriously, it’s May already? I really can’t believe it, few more weeks and it’s already half of the year now. I’m happy though, I’ve been productive for the past few weeks. I guess, since I’m back to crafting, it’s like an energy booster for my brain.

Next week, I have more plans and deadlines as ever. But I’m actually excited and looking forward to it. And as my ritual to Sunday, an instagram recap of my whole week.

{1} I am a very clumsy girl and on top of that, an eyeglass destroyer. That’s my old one, it’s also broken but slightly okay, because the new set is totally unusable. Using fabric tape hoping it will last a little longer.

{2} We have a function room in Yellow Hauz where we can accommodate small meetings and parties. That’s our brochure if you want to get the other details.

{3} Celebrated the last day of April with the birthday of my greatest friend, Che. An old soul still to write notes, and that’s me. I used the notecard from my paper line.

{4} I have an impromptu travel plan in line this month. I’m not sure if it will push through since we’re so unprepared. So I attached a giraffe paperclip for luck.

If you have instagram, you can follow me: @iam_artisan, let’s meet there =)


2 thoughts on “Instagram Sunday #21”

  1. I’m digging the fabric tape around the glasses! Haha I am looking forward to visit your shop for more fabric tape shopping. I just have to find time for it. The paper clips are so cute. Hehe. 🙂

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