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Celebrated my 29th birthday last month… Normally, I’m too lazy too organize my own party plus it’s a bit expensive. However, this year I did. Few reasons came to mind that calls for a celebration. Again with the impromptu decisions, everything was just prepared few days before and the rest was DIY‘ed.

For someone who makes invitations and old fashion, it’s really weird to know that I used digital for my own birthday.

But the rest were handmade of course. I prepared some simple souvenirs. Printed a box, attempted to make thank you calligraphy tags {really really need some practice}. Then stuffed it with mengue and wrapped it with baker’s twine {side note: materials are available in the shop, hehe}.

As a routine every birthday in our family, we normally attend the early mass. This time, it wasn’t so early though, haha. Then we had lunch at Fridays. It was extra special because, we celebrated it with the new member of the family, Opet, my brother-in-law.

The whole afternoon was so busy. My mom and I prepared everything. She took over the food and I did the decors. Nothing fancy though, just a simple party with few different group of friends.

Made some giant pom-poms. Then my sister bought me cake since she’s too busy to bake. The chocolate one was a surprise she and Opet did the night before, which made it more sentimental. Don’t ask why the name and captions were so weird, haha.

I had a juice table with washi taped stirrers. “Thank you Florence for lending me your cute juice container.” 
Thank you friends for celebrating the day with me…Before the night ends, my sister and her husband had to leave for their honeymoon. But I was too tired to be emotional that day, so I ended up opening my gifts like a kid then slept smoothly, haha.

It’s my last year in the 20’s. I think I did pretty well, spent my young days wisely and so far so good. A toast for all the great challenges and learnings I had during my 20’s and for the adventures that’s coming my way.


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  1. Hey! You’re welcome! Thanks for visiting and promoting my blog. We love to chill in Yellow Hauz again. 🙂 hope we can get promos., hehehehe

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