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When I heard that Multiply is closing down, I was shocked and sad about this news. I really thought they were able to pull through the marketplace concept and that they were known for that by now.

Well, there’s nothing much we can do but to look for another platform that offers the same service. Which leads to a big dilemma on my part because, first, I know too little about this e-commerce thing and second, all my product photos were gone together with my hard disk and now I can’t download them from my multiply store.

Anyway, I’m finding a way to set-up a new online store, now from my own site. In the meantime, we got new items. We got uber cute pens and chic notebooks, plus a sale of the old stocks to make room for the new ones.

If you’re just from Davao, feel free to visit us. We are located at V. Mapa, Mabini Street, just beside Yellow Hauz. Hopefully, I can fix the online site this week, but if too hard for my technical skills, you can email me: deniseapril(at)gmail(dot)com if you want me to send you some photos.


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  1. Do you still sell nibs, nib holders, calligraphy pads, watercolors, brushpens and etc.? Like those typical art and craft things that are hard to find at malls and at the nbs? “Shoti” a calligraphist, who is also from davao, suggested your shop who happens to buy calligraphy stuff there.. So Im looking forward to find a calligraphy starter kit. Please reply, I really want to go to your shop.

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