Instagram Sunday #28

Instagram Sunday

I can’t tell if this week was productive or not. I was able to finished few designs but I believed I was too anxious for the upcoming days that’s why I tend to procrastinate. Something big and great is about to happen next week, and I’ll share about it soon. In the meantime, instagram sunday is here to waste your time with my nonsense photos, lol.

{1}  Been wanting to buy this hand lotion from Etude with such lovely packaging. It’s not just about the packaging, but how can you resist that cute little bird, right?

{2}  Did some post about our Bali trip about the food and the beaches. I will find time to post about the crafts of Bali.

{3}  Spent my saturday night with my girls. As if we can’t get enough with each other.

{4}  Drew some elements for a bohemian theme invitation.

Hope you had a great sunday. Mine was pretty productive, but not quite yet. Tomorrow I’m hoping I’ll be able to finish a lot of things. Goodnight lovelies.


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