Swim with me in Bali

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If you’re a surfer, you’ll surely love beaches of Bali. For a moment there, I wanted to learn how to surf. You’ll see the big waves, clarity of the water, how they balance and fall. Looks so easy but I know it’s very hard. So staying in the white sand was good enough for me. The place was not so crowded and you just put out your sarong and place it on the sand, and you’re ready to sunbathe.

I have to include our villa’s plunge pool in this post because my sister and I had been swimming there everyday, so I think it deserved some credit, haha. Like my last post, you’ll see more of our faces. Just scroll down if you got tired of it, haha.

Unfortunately, there are no links for the beaches since they’re not private resorts, but I did include the names of the beaches in case you’re planning to go to Bali soon.

The Jas Villa

Nusa Dua

Dreamland Beach Resort

Padang Padang Beach Resort

The beaches in Bali are truly beautiful. However if I were to choose, we still have the best beaches here in the Philippines and I can’t help to be proud of it.


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