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It’s been a week after our Bali trip and I’m still dreaming about it. The small island really surprised me. I have to say, I didn’t expect to be amazed. From their beaches, to their architectural facades and culture. I have so many photos that I don’t even know where to begin with. I’ll not get into details because I think there’s nothing much to share since, I just kept on swimming in our plunge pool, eat, sleep and eat again. Yes, every chance I get, I eat. But I if there’s one thing I can share, it’s the photos.

And because all I did there was to eat, let me share the cute restaurants we’ve been to. I have to warn you though, apart from the food and restaurant’s interior, you’ll also see a lot of our faces.

Sardine Restaurant

Dejavu Kitchen


Sea Circus

Potato Head

The Bistrot

Bale Udang

I can’t say which one was my favourite. But the Fusilli Pasta in Potato Head and the Pad Thai in The Bistrot left a craving feeling when I got back home. If not all, most of the restaurants in Bali had different charming themes. A walk in the streets would make you feel confused where to dine with all the lovely facades.

At some point, I’ve thought of putting up a travel blog so I can share all the beautiful places I’ve been to. However, maintaining even just one really takes up a lot of time and effort. I edited around 40 photos and that’s just the restos, can you imagine? Anyway, up next, the beaches we went to.


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