Instagram Sunday #27

Instagram Sunday

It’s weird that I’m doing my instagram sunday earlier than usual, because I do this on a sunday night. Anyway, my week was all about beach, food and photos. I may gained weight, probably had a darker skin tone, but it was all worth it.

{1}  First beach we visited was Dreamland Beach. Waves were so big. Really perfect for surfers. Made me want to try out surfing. And I couldn’t believe I went out in the sun in the middle of the afternoon just to be swept back and forth of the wave. But it was fun.

{2}  We had a different version of Eat, Pray, Love. Ours was Eat, Swim, Sleep. Honestly, it can also be Eat, Eat, Eat! We can’t stop from eating. Oh don’t be deceive by the salad, I only had that because I already feel bloated from nasi goreng.

{3}  Just another selfie, haha. Nothing much to say.

{4}  I don’t bring Oris, my DSLR anymore, instead I always carry Jack, my mini diana and the underwater cam {no name yet} everytime I go to the beach.

I have so many overdue blog post about my travels., I just hope, I’ll find time to share all the photos and tips from my vacation. But in the meantime, my instagram@iam_artisan is always update.

It was a fun week but today is one of my least favourite time of the year. I feel emotional every father’s day, because we’re celebrating it without my papa. So instead, I’ll look up, close my eyes and wish he’ll hear my heart whisper, I miss you.

To all the dads, happy father’s day. A toast to all the hardship you’ve done to provide for your family, to all the laughters you share with your kids, to the jokes that will always be recalled, and for simply being a dad.


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