Instagram Sunday #29

Instagram Sunday

I think you’re probably sick of seeing my face from my recent blog posts. In fact, I have few more photos from our Bali trip, but more of craft related. After that, I swear, I’ll post more about crafts or what’s happening in the studio.

So, how did your week went? I had an extraordinary week. Had a short trip to Manila and had a taste of 15-min TV exposure. I’ll tell you more of that experience this week. An instagram sunday as my routine.

{1}  I had an early flight and the first thing I did was of course – eat. Yes, eating is a hobby of mine. So I finally tried iHop. Heard some mixed reviews, but if you asked me, I did like the Strawberry Cheesecake Pancake. Ahh, I’m drooling by just looking at the photo.

{2}  I had lunch with Alessa and Mansy in Pipino and boy we have a surprise for you guys. We are planning to have craft workshops here in Davao. Yes, you heard that right, here in Davao folks. We haven’t finalised everything yet, but it’s gonna happen on August.

{3}  Now, the reason I went to Manila was I had the privilege to be in a show called ShopTalk. I always watched this show and I never thought I would be in it. Of course, I’ve been dreaming about it, that’s why I still can’t believe it, and this deserves a separate post.

Apparently, no more replays but I’ll share a link 2-weeks from now.

{4}  Few days before I left, I planned how to set-up my samples for the show. So I did some sketching.

Tomorrow is a gonna be a manic monday and I’m so ready for it. Hope you’ll have a great week. Goodnight friends.


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