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Before anything else, the title of this post doesn’t mean we’ll do crafting in Bali but that would be nice. I am just trying to synchronize my titles for my Bali posts, haha.

Anyway, if you love to eat or going to the beach,  Bali is really perfect for you. And all the more if you enjoy crafts like me, then you’ll go gaga with Bali. There are so many new skills to learn. From silver making, batik painting and coffee making. You can find all these in Ubod, Bali.

I was supposed to attend silver jewelry making but our driver couldn’t find the place. If you’re interested you can email them here. Even though I missed it, we went to a place where they had a showroom on how they made silver jewelries. I wish I can explain how these things worked but all I know was they melt, carved and fire, haha.

Another handicraft that Bali has to offer is there batik. Luckily, they also showed how they made those beautiful patterns in a batik.

First, they will draw the design on the fabric.

Then they will trace the drawing using hot wax. After the wax is dry, they will run it with color and cover with wax again. That’s what I call handmade.

Look at those nice stamp patterns. Instead of the usual rubber blocks, the material was made of metal. That’s really one big, hard and intricate yet beautiful stamp. I actually wanted to get one for myself. Unfortunately, it’s not for sale.

On the side, there’s another handicraft going on, weaving. Talking about multi-tasking.

After I was wishing I could have stayed longer so I can learn how to make them, we went to another place where I thought was just a seller of assorted coffee, turned out to be a haven. It was a mini coffee farm!!! First time I saw a real coffee tree, and not just one kind but all of them. From the usual Robusta, Arabica down to Java and not just that, they also had luwak coffee plus spices like vanilla, cinnamon and all types of tea like ginseng. Oh I went gaga! I can’t believed I was seeing all those in actual form, haha.

After the tour around the bushes, they showed us various dried beans and spices. 
If you’re not familiar with luwak or civet coffee. It’s a coffee from a civet’s poop. Yep! You read that right. The civet eats the coffee fruit and once they defecate the fruit it will be process or dried and roasted like any other beans. Luwak coffee is one of the expensive coffee in the world. I don’t understand why but it tastes the same.

Then came my favourite part. They will actually serve you free coffee using syphon filter and you can try all their different flavours from coffee and tea and with matching dessert.

I thought, it was only Japan who loves cute stores but I was wrong. Although Bali had a different style compared to Japan, most of the stores there were also small and cute.

And this ends my Bali trip. I’m not sure if I was able to help by giving you ideas where to go or what to do there. I tell you, Bali is one of the places you should see.


5 thoughts on “Craft with me in Bali”

  1. Sayang hindi ka nakasali sa silver jewelry workshop. Pero ka-nice ng lahat ng photos, even the poopoo hahaha. Pati yun kay gi-craft din. :)) Love the stamps! Super intricate. Wish ko jud one day na makagawa ako ng ganyan.

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  2. April!!! Di na tayo nagkita! Eep anyway, I’m going to Bali on tuesday naexcite na ako lalo na because of this post! 🙂

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