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DIY Stationery 101

April is my favourite month of the year. Aside it’s my name, birth month, and officially summer, it’s also Letter Writing Month. If you’re not familiar with this yet, you can read about Letter Writing Month here.

I used to write letters back when I was still young. And I remember how much joy it brings me especially when I received one. And if you’ve tried writing letters before and you have received them, you know how it feels. They said writing letters is for your soul. It’s like you’re reconnecting with it as you write. That’s why in a way, it gives you joy and to your recipient as well.

To celebrate this awareness, I’ve been sharing handmade stationery tutorials on my YouTube channel for the past weeks to encourage you to write and send letters to your friends and loved ones. You see, aside from writing, what I love about Letter Writing month is that it also encourages us to be creative by making our own stationery.

You really don’t need to buy new stationery just so to pump you up before writing. But I have to admit though, buying a haul which is kind of accessible nowadays will surely inspire you to create and write. Just in case you want to check out some things, you might find something interesting in my webshop.

Anyway, whether you buy or not the point is, the world needs more happiness and love at the moment. And even the small and simple way of sending a letter, a card or postcard to someone gives such a big impact on anyone. So, how about we get all our stash and let’s make our own stationery.

I started off with handmade letter set. Because this one is very simple and there’s no reason we can’t write to anyone because we can always find the materials in our house. If you’ve been following along, you know, I love doing simple paper crafts and as you see, this is just one of them.

Materials for Handmade Letter Set

• Print/Copy paper (short or long)

• Stickers, ephemeras, washi tapes, die-cut

• Ready made envelopes: for documents or cards

• Tools: Scissors, Cutter, Punchers, Pens, Markers

• Rubber stamps (alphabets, quotes), Ink pad, Wax stamp and wax seal

Now, don’t stop yourself though if you can’t find some of these in your stash. A simple pad of paper and a document is all you need actually. Letter writing is more about writing your thoughts and catching up. So, don’t worry about not having a fancy stationery set.

Here’s the video of the Handmade Letter Set tutorial.

Tip: You can use an old envelope and just cover it with patterned paper, ephemeras, stickers and what not.

It’s simple right? Keep following along since I’ll be sharing another handmade stationery like greeting card and postcard. See you on my next blog.


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