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Hi everyone. It’s been a while since my last art journal post. As much as I want to spend time journaling, especially art journaling because this is where I play both with different materials and with my emotions.

In a way, art journaling has become my outlet whenever I feel down and anxious. Maybe in a way, I am happy and at peace, as of the moment, that’s why I didn’t do art journaling for now.

But my heart and soul itched to play and just create something. So, I finally pulled my trustee Strathmore Mixed Media sketchbook and played with it.

It was the best feeling ever after I was done! Although, truth be told, since it’s been a while, I felt really rusty and lost how to go about it. I made a lot of unintended layers just to cover so many mistakes. And since I was working on a dumped paint spread, I had a hard time with the colors.

But this is what I really love about art journaling… no mistake is wrong or ugly. Instead you get to learn from it and figure out something better. And no one is judging. Because art journal is my way of just expressing my feelings. My soul talks me in a way.

Like always, I share my creative process of how I came about this spread. You’ll also see that I was having a hard time with it. Frustrating at first, but fascinating and satisfying in the end.

Yet, this spread taught me well. To be patient; To keep going and that it’s okay to add more layers no matter how thick it will become until you feel happy about it. These things I also applied in my life.

May this art journal inspire you to transform your emotions into something beautiful. If you haven’t tried art journaling yet, I truly encourage you to do so. Just go and get a piece of paper, an old notebook maybe. A simple pen, crayon, and any cut-outs you can find, will do. Add a quote, lyric, bible verse that speaks to you most. Play some music, light a candle, and just dance with your feelings as you move your hand on your journal.

If you’re feeling down, remember, you are tough!


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