How To Make A Bookmark: 3 Bookmark Ideas for Bullet Journaling or Journaling


Are you a bookworm? I used to be. And I like to collect bookmarks before. However, I haven’t been spending time with books for a long time now. But I still love collecting bookmarks.

Anyway, as I was setting up my bullet journal, I had a need for a bookmark. I saw few scraps of paper on my desk and thought of making my own instead.

Then, i realised this would also be a good tutorial just in case other people need it too.

If you’re itching for something easy to do, you might like this idea.

If you’re not into bookmarks, this is a great idea as a gift for book lovers or to those who are still studying. I mean, I wish, craft tutorials are already a fad back then. This could have been a pretty sight while reading my Accounting book when I was still in college.

Though, I may not be reading as often as I used to, I find these bookmarks really handy and gives me a pretty sight in my bullet journal. Those errands and chores that need to be finished are not as daunting as it seems when you see something beautiful beforehand.

Another thing I find these handmade bookmarks useful for is for my journal. I used to add long and big tags as another layer in my pages and the bookmarks can serve as like that too.

If you’re already quite excited to make something like this, here’s the full video tutorial of these handmade bookmark.

I wonder which one is your favourite among the 3 handmade bookmark? Mine would be the collage with watercolor. To think, I made a mistake with that. Funny how you can discover something beautiful from a mistake.

Would also love to see how you made your bookmark. Feel free to tag me on Instagram: @iam_artisan and if you’re still looking for other paper crafts, I have more on my YouTube: April San Pedro. See you on my socials.


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