Handmade Stationery | 3 Hand-pressed Flowers Greeting Card Designs

DIY Stationery 101

Because of Letter Writing Month, I have a mini series of handmade stationery so not only we are inspired to write to our loved ones but also to keep our creativity juice flowing.

Last blog post was about making your own handmade letter set. It was simple and easy but his time, let’s add an oomph to our stationery to make it more extra special.

So… if you’re not into the whole writing your thoughts shenanigans, because it’s too much for you and freezes you instead, maybe a Greeting Card will do the trick for you. Because you don’t need to write so much but it gives direct message and feeling to your recipient.

Greeting cards are one of the most popular stationery and very much available everywhere. I even have few greetings cards in my webshop.

I remember, I love collecting greeting cards every time we travel. I love the ones with pop-ups and other gimmicks (which was my inspiration when I design invitations for kids before). I also love buying the ones from local artists too.

Recently, I was into hand-pressed flowers. It started when Wacky would handpicked flowers for me and I just let it dry in a bottle. But then, since I wasn’t drying it properly, some of the leaves and petals would fall off. So, I realised I should have pressed it in a book instead.

When I tried it, that’s when I saw these beautiful hand-pressed flowers are so perfect for a card. I mean, what other purpose can you use those hand-pressed flowers right? Then I remember, I used to see cards like this before and I just never appreciated it until now.

And so… this greeting card tutorial is all about adding hand-pressed flowers as your main design. Don’t worry, it’s still simple yet those layers added in your greeting card just gives an extra oomph.

Materials for Hand-pressed Flowers Greeting Card

• Cardstock (plain or textured)

• Hand-pressed flowers (actual pressed flowers or pet stickers)

• Rubber or clear stamps (alphabets and phrases); Inkpad

• Scissors, cutter, cutting mat

• Glue stick, double-sided tape and foam

• Wax stamp and wax stick; Candle and matches

• Stickers, Washi tape, Doily tape,

• Clear stationery plastic/cellophane

Here’s the full tutorial of the Hand-pressed Flowers Greeting Card.

I hope you find this card making just easy and inspiring. This made me realised that you’re not only giving your recipient a card but also a flower in a way.

If you need tutorial on how to do a pressed flower or other crafts related to it, you may check these videos.

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