Handmade Stationery | 3 Postcard Ideas


This is the third part of the handmade stationery series for Letter Writing Month. This time, I’m going to share a simple postcard design with three ideas.

It’s pretty similar with the handmade stationery | greeting cards except this one can be used as an art print. Your receiver can frame this or tape on their wall.

This is one thing I really love about postcards. They have dual purposes plus they are cheap to send.

Materials for Handmade Postcard:

• Cardstock (plain or textured)

• Hand-pressed flowers (actual pressed flowers or pet stickers)

• Rubber or clear stamps (alphabets and phrases); Inkpad

• Scissors, cutter, cutting mat

• Glue stick, double-sided tape and foam

You might wonder, there are 4 postcards in the photo yet I’m saying 3 ideas. So, let me break down the ideas for you.

One, is using photos such as Instax films, Polaroids, printed photos or stickers. This is one way of sharing a beautiful scenery, unforgettable food or anything from your trip.

It can also be a memory you both shared together; a new animal baby you have maybe?

This way, you’re already delivering your message plus you’re giving your recipient a visual idea too.

A big note on this one though: As much as possible, try not to share too much information in the photo. Like you face or a baby/kid, a house that can be identifiex with your address, or anything related to this. You have to remember, postcards are sent without envelopes. So anyone can see your photo.

Second postcard is about lettering and handwriting. Now, for this design, I shared how you can just opt for your own handwriting if you’re not comfortable with lettering.

The tip here is, lettering can have few words since you’re focusing more with the design and you can use thicker markers or brushes for this. Unlike with handwriting, you’ll need more words like a long phrase maybe since you’ll be using a thinner ball point.

What I like about this design, it is such a great way too use an art print. A good reminder to stay positive. So, try to write something encouraging or uplifting.

Lastly, is almost similar with the handmade greeting card I shared the last time. There’s nothing personal with this design except it is just visually nice. Frame this one and it serves as an art print with your message at the back. Tell your recipient of the idea.

I used pressed flower here but if you don’t have any, there are pet stickers of dried flowers now. But there’s something about pressed flowers that give that personal touch and added layer in your postcard.

Of course, a full video tutorial of the Handmade Postcard is a must. So, here you go.

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Have fun creating your handmade stationery. Don’t forget to enjoy the process and most especially the writing part.


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