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If you remember, last January we had Brush Lettering workshop with Anina Rubio. It was a two-day workshop and the second day was Floral Type. It’s a basic watercolour of florals and typography in one.

This one was jam-packed that I had to moved our location at the outdoor area of Yellow Hauz. I was a bit worried at first because it might get too humid. Gladly, it did not and we had more room to walk around.

Like most workshops, everyone started with drills and familiarising their materials.

In the middle of the workshop, Anina gathered the participants per group so she can demonstrate to them how to paint the florals.

And that’s when everybody got so busy and serious.

Here’s a closer look how these ladies can be so serious about their artwork, hehe.

I cannot blame them, because just like the Brush Lettering workshop, we picked 2 winners and they’ll get a rastaclat bracelet with notebook from Sneaker Club and a journal from Fedrigoni PapersEven I was trying to do my own artwork.

While Anina was making her’s to be included as a prize.

We used ZIG watercolour and pens. While we used Fedrigoni Papers for our postcards for their final artwork.

Here are some of their artworks.

We sticked all their artworks so everybody can see. It’s time to choose the winner as well. We had a hard time choosing, everybody did a great job.

Darlene won the journal while Melissa won the rastaclat.

It’s nice to see friends who joined. Some also joined us for 2 days.

Just like Caitlyn, our youngest participant. I’ve known this little girl since she was 3 I think, and now she’s taller than me.

Finally, a photo with this one. We kept on forgetting to take photos of us. Either we’re too busy or just too forgetful.

And of course, workshop wouldn’t be complete without a class picture, right?

That was one busy weekend. And I was so happy these ladies spent it with us.

The next day, Anina, Wacky and I went straight to Mati. Best part of working hard is you get to reward yourself.


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